GrowthRX webinar: early PatientNotes preview

GrowthRX webinar: early PatientNotes preview

Here's what GrowthRX founder Jade Scott recently sent to the GrowthRX network:

🤖 I told you there would be A.I advances for us beyond ChatGTP, and here it is…  A robot that can finally help allied health practitioners with paperwork, treatment planning and automated paperwork!!!  

❓Is time-consuming paperwork weighing you down? 
❓Ever feel like you can't connect with patients because you're too busy typing? 
❓ Do you have a team member who struggles with poor clinical notes or constantly runs late?  
❓ Could your time management benefit from some automation? 

🔥 GrowthRx is proud to give you the first glimpse and an exclusive two months FREE access to this game-changing tool.

🙏🏻 Trust me, you are going to want to see this!

👏🏻 Zoom access to the live webinar and Q & A will be available only for the first 50 people to register; all remaining registrants will have access to the recording.  

📅 Live Webinar Details:

Exclusive to GrowthRx Members only 
Monday 18th Sep, 1-2pm AEST 
Cost: FREE 
Duration: 60 minutes 
Relevant to: All healthcare professionals, Practice Managers, Business Owners 

🔥 After months of research, trials and searching the market, I finally found a product that I’m happy to endorse. We are still trialling it at Western Region Health, but the results have blown me away.  

👀 Join us for an eye-opening FREE webinar that will change how you think about your practice.  

💻 Darren Ross, a leading Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and innovative entrepreneur, will take the reins to show you how this A.I. tool can be a game-changer for your clinic. 

👉 What You'll Learn: 

✅ How A.I. technology can optimize your time with patients and drastically reduce your note and letter-writing time. 
✅ Gain back your lunch breaks and after-hours with smart A.I. solutions. 
✅ Discover a seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows. 

🎯 Learning Outcomes: 

Harness A.I. for streamlining clinical notes and documentation 
Elevate patient care standards 
Stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape 

 🚀 This is a perfect example of how A.I. can enhance our future jobs and improve patient experiences.  

The webinar will also cover crucial discussions on the safety and security of A.I. platforms, including patient data protection and encryption. 




If you can't attend, no worries! Register now, and you'll get access to the recording.

📈 Bringing you my best and the best new advances in healthcare technology, 

Jade x 

PS. In full transparency, the only perks I’m getting for hosting this webinar is free access for myself and for YOU! Yahooo! 😃