Automate surgical notes to focus more on patient hand care

PatientNotes supports hand surgeons in managing detailed surgical documentation and patient recovery, enhancing surgical outcomes and hand function recovery.

Hand surgeons, operate more, document less

Hand surgeons utilize PatientNotes to reduce time spent on clinical documentation, with AI streamlining secure and accurate surgical notes, enhancing focus on patient recovery and surgical outcomes.

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AI's Role in Enhancing Hand Surgery Efficiency

Hand Surgeons utilize PatientNotes to streamline surgical documentation, saving time and improving the quality of clinical notes, which supports precise treatment and recovery management for hand and upper limb conditions.

Instantly drafted Hand Surgery notes for better care.

Hand surgeons use PatientNotes to quickly generate detailed operative notes, improving efficiency and allowing more time for patient recovery and care.

Recommended Hand Surgeon Action Plans

Hand Surgeons deliver clear, actionable summaries post-surgery, empowering patients with a written care plan and next steps for their hand recovery journey.

Hand Surgeons Quickly Generate Surgical Reports and Referrals

Quickly generate hand surgery reports and referrals, focusing more on patient recovery and hand function.

Works with the existing PMS in your hand surgery practice

Hand surgeons can streamline surgical reports and follow-ups with PatientNotes, integrating with systems like Pracsoft.

Hand surgeons plan reconstructive surgeries using PatientNotes in surgical centers, during recovery workshops, and through telehealth.

Hand surgeons can keep surgical notes accessible on any device with PatientNotes, compatible with hand surgeon telehealth platforms for effective post-operative care.

  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet (using PatientNotes Mac App)
  • Mac
  • PC

Hand surgeons implement secure and compliant AI from PatientNotes for surgical accuracy and care.

Hand surgeons can use PatientNotes to securely document surgical procedures and patient interactions, maintaining the highest standards of data privacy across in-room surgeries and telehealth consultations.

HIPAA Compliant

Hand surgeons safeguard surgical and patient data with PatientNotes, ensuring compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations.

GDPR Compliant for European Practices

Ensures the protection of personal data for patients in the EU and UK.

Privacy Guaranteed

Advanced encryption protocols keep patient data confidential.

Robust Security Measures

Implements stringent security measures to exceed industry standards.

What our customers say


Greg Collis-Brown.

Greg Collis-Brown

Surprisingly easy to apply clinically

This innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach. PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data.
Trish Edwards.

Trish Edwards

Significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes

I particularly like is the ability to verbally conduct the assessment and being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more.
Sarah Yule.

Sarah Yule

Allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin

PatientNotes has significantly changed the detail and accuracy with which I can document. It allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin, as it has done the bulk of the leg work whilst I still do the clinical thinking.

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Comprehensive Support Center

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Customizable Templates for Hand Surgery

Utilize expert-designed templates that fit your clinical style, enhancing your documentation process.

Common Questions from Hand Surgeons Using PatientNotes

Can I use PatientNotes during surgeries?

Yes, PatientNotes is designed to be used in various settings, including operating rooms, allowing you to dictate notes that are converted into structured documentation.

Is it possible to customize the note templates?

Absolutely. While PatientNotes provides a range of pre-set templates, you can customize them to better suit your specific needs and preferences in hand surgery.

Does PatientNotes support different types of clinical notes?

Yes, PatientNotes supports various note formats including SOAP notes, operative reports, and more, all customizable to your hand surgery practice.

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