Reduce the admin costs for your business

Get your clinicians their own health secretary for writing clinical notes. PatientNotes uses A.I. to draft clinical notes in real time, supporting your workforce to finalise their paperwork instantly.

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A better business workflow

Delegate the documentation

PatientNotes will support your team by enhancing clinical documentation and optimising workflows, cutting administrative costs in the process.

Australia's healthcare sector is at the brink of a digital revolution, and we're leading the charge. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions are designed to empower health practitioners to provide an enhanced standard of care while saving precious time and money.

  • Create medicolegal and 3rd party reports. Many of our users will use the system to help generate medicolegal, myagedcare or NDIS reports from your assessment.
  • Increase diary time for new patients. Reduce costly note and letter writing time and eliminate working through lunch or after hours for your team.
  • Mitigating assessment issues. Create bespoke prompts to ensure your pick up all the relevant clinical questions and assessment- reducing potential medicolegal issues

PatientNotes can be used for entire consultations or healthcare professionals can use a hybrid model of their own notes alongside PatientNotes, for optimal detail.

Alternatively if you have already authored your own notes, you can input them directly into PatientNotes. This will facilitate the automation of patient letters, summaries, or medical correspondence.

Which devices will it work on?

PatientNotes is a web based platform that works on all devices that can access the internet. Use on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet. Access the dashboard across devices with your single login. The data is stored locally so even if your internet drops out during your consultation you will not lose your notes.

Frequently asked questions

Can we customise notes and letters for our business?

Yes. When a user signs in we create a set of default prompts based to your health profession and your caseload, writing style and layout preferences. At any time these can be edited and we offer online resources to help you create perfect clinical notes for you and your clinic.

Can we record telehealth consultations?

Yes. Save time ensuring your teams telehealth notes are completed in real time. Ensure the audio input is picked up from the microphone. You can do on separate devices or pretest with your system.

Is PatientNotes safe and legal?

Yes. PatientNotes is encrypted and provides quality measures to safely optimise the use of A.I. in healthcare. You can read more on our Security page, as well as on our Privacy page and our Terms page.

“PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data. It is surprisingly easy to apply clinically. As a practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for over forty years, I believe this innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach to this matter that I have used in my Practice. ”

Greg Collis-Brown
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist