Feature: Organizations

This feature enables practice managers and business owners to invite, add and remove practitioners from their PatientNotes profile.

Technical support

Getting started

This guide is designed to help you enable the Organization feature in your company. Start by watching the video below, where Sarah will take you through the process of creating your Organization and show you how to add new users.

A step-by-step guide

1. From the top righthand menu, select "Organization" →

Click on Log in →

2. Select "Create Organization"

Enter your work email address and password

3. Enter your organization details and click the "Create" button. Select the "Automatically add existing practitioners" checkbox to include everyone who has already joined your Organization to the profile.

Click on Sign in

4. You will now see everyone who has been added to your Organization. You can add additional members by selecting the "Add" button.

Type the Patient name

5. To add a practitioner with the same domain name, type their email address and press the "Add" button.

To invite a practitioner with a different domain name to your Organization, type their email address and press the "Invite" button. They will then receive an invitation email and they must accept your invitation to join your Organization.

Click on Start new session

6. To remove someone from your Organization, simply press the "remove" button.

Ask the patient to consent to recording the session, and click on Agree