Students get complimentary access to PatientNotes

Are you a student looking to organize and manage your patient notes efficiently? PatientNotes is now offering a fantastic opportunity for students to access our service with a 100% discount whilst you are studying.

Improve the quality of your clinical notes

PatientNotes is designed to enhance your clinical and communication skills, assisting you throughout your course and enabling you to quickly master the techniques used by experienced clinicians with their clients.

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No Credit Card Required

Sign up using the student email address from your educational institution

Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:


This offer is available exclusively to undergraduate students currently enrolled in a relevant course.


Simply sign up for PatientNotes using your university email address.

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Email [email protected] and we will apply the discount to your account.

Works with the existing PMS in your student practice

PatientNotes is compatible with all popular physiotherapy Patient Management Systems, including Nookal, Cliniko, PPMP, Pracsoft, and TM3.

PatientNotes is available for learning environments such as in-room consults, home visits, class environments and telehealth consults

Compatible with various devices, PatientNotes ensures your clinical notes are always within reach, no matter where you are. PatientNotes also works with your existing telehealth platform.

  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet (using PatientNotes Mac App)
  • Mac
  • PC

Support your educational journey with AI

Join the community of students who are streamlining their study and work process with PatientNotes.

Your Feedback Matters

As a part of our community, your opinions and ideas are invaluable to us.

Zero Charges

you won’t be charged anything for the first year of your subscription.

Apply annually

Reconfirm your student status after 12 months for renewed student access.

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Please feel free to share your feedback or suggestions for improvements.

What our customers say


Greg Collis-Brown.

Greg Collis-Brown

Surprisingly easy to apply clinically

This innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach. PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data.
Trish Edwards.

Trish Edwards

Significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes

I particularly like is the ability to verbally conduct the assessment and being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more.
Sarah Yule.

Sarah Yule

Allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin

PatientNotes has significantly changed the detail and accuracy with which I can document. It allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin, as it has done the bulk of the leg work whilst I still do the clinical thinking.

How to get started with PatientNotes for students

Free access for students

Get up and running in minutes. Start using PatientNotes today. Sign up for a free trial with your student email address, then contact our team.

Help Center for students

FAQs, How-To guides, detailed instructions on all features and a video library to help you get the most out of PatientNotes.

Educational Prompt Library

Access to best practice clinical templates and expert prompts to set you up for success while still capturing your clinical style.

Frequently asked questions from students

Who is eligible for postgraduate student benefits?

If you are a full-time student and not currently employed, you may be eligible for our postgraduate student benefits.

What if I am working in the profession I am studying?

If you are currently employed in the profession you are studying, unfortunately, you will not be eligible for our postgraduate student benefits.

Can I still apply if I am part-time or working in a non-related field?

Our benefits are specifically tailored for students who are not employed in their future profession. However, we review each application on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us directly for further consideration.

What is the fair use policy?

Our fair use policy allows users to access our services for up to 10 sessions per week on average without the paid subscription.

What constitutes a session?

A session is defined as a single instance of using our services within a 24-hour period.

What happens if I exceed the fair use policy?

If you exceed the fair use policy, we kindly ask you to consider subscribing to continue using our services. Alternatively, we reserve the right to review your free option and may limit or restrict access accordingly.

How is the average calculated?

The average number of sessions per week is calculated based on the total number of sessions used over a rolling seven-day period.

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