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PatientNotes takes the hassle out of clinical documentation by automatically drafting clinical notes for healthcare professionals based on regular client conversations.

Using speech recognition and generative artificial intelligence (AI), PatientNotes crafts user-friendly clinical notes that are easy to review and finalise.

Importantly, PatientNotes enhances clinical decision making and contributes to quality improvement and clinical care optimisation.

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PatientNotes is a Melbourne-based remote company founded by a team interested in the future of healthcare.

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Release date:
October 2023
PC / Mac / Android / iOS
Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox
From USD$29 per month, free trial

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Key features

Seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, ensuring efficient transfer of notes to electronic health record (EHR) systems and reducing the risk of data loss.

Real-time clinical notes
Improve quality and completion rate of clinical notes, drafted instantly.
Instant patient action-plans
Friendly summaries sent to the patient immediately to increase compliance.
Medical letters and reports
Elevated communication with GPs and referral network, specialized medicolegal and NDIS customisation.
Patient consent
Documented opt-in process for informed consent from patients, ensuring they are included.
Encryption best practice
Our engineers are laser-focused on ensuring meeting best-practice standards for data encryption.
Data security and deletion
Data deleted after 30 days and all data at rest is encrypted using AES-256.
Free trial
30 days to see the benefits, including amount of time saved through improved workflow.
As a web-based app, users can access and edit notes from smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more.
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Introducing the team

Why has this group of people united to address this problem?

This team are a dynamic group of talented individuals hailing from startups, allied health and a broad range of industry experiences that make them a perfect fit for building PatientNotes.

After leading Engineering teams at one of the largest helpdesk software companies in the world, trusted by 160,000 customers in 160 countries, the person Jason wants to help most is his wife: an allied health practitioner who delights in creating meaningful patient notes, but who struggles to have enough time in her day to craft them.

This problem is familiar to Darren, who has managed over ten clinics and advised hundreds of clinic owners on practice management systems. As a practitioner, he understands first-hand the benefits of fast and efficient finalisation of clinical notes and the role this plays in the happiness and delight of his employees and their patients.

Lachlan has worked on many tech products that make the world happier, friendlier and a little more magical. He has many friends in the health industry and wants to apply the technical potential that A.I. brings in 2023 in a product that will create tangible change to the life of his peers.

Sarah has a way with words and cares deeply about how the world can communicate more clearly, more often. Through her recent medical experiences while undergoing fertility treatment, she was left scratching her head why the information she received was often handwritten on a piece of paper. This led her to the team, and she's way ahead of the curve now that her doctors are using PatientNotes.

Cassie is a junior software developer and in 2023 there's nothing she'd rather be building than the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

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