Save time completing your osteopathy patient notes using A.I.

Patient notes automatically prepared in real-time, ready to finalise and send instantly. Compatible with all browsers and Patient Management Systems. Currently FREE for Australian osteopathy professionals.

Darren Ross

"High quality documentation is something I feel passionate about. I invest a lot of time into this area of my practice, yet often that time has fallen outside of work hours.

PatientNotes has allowed me to increase the quality of my clinical documentation while saving time. My notes, a patient summary, and medical letters can be completed within minutes.

It was an adjustment to vocalize my objective findings and treatment plan. Interestingly, it's improved patient engagement and understanding of their condition."

Sian Smale
Melbourne, Australia

Draft your clinical notes during your consultations

Simply edit, copy and paste your finalised notes into your Patient Management System. With PatientNotes you can use A.I. to support your regular consultation flow, while upholding patient confidentiality and privacy.

Clinical Notes
Ready for your approval in seconds
Patient Summary
Before the patient leaves the session
Medical Letter
Share with colleagues today, not days later

Stay on top of your clinical admin

Document your clinical notes as the session is occurring with the support of A.I. technology. You will start your consultations as normal and PatientNotes will compose a summary as a draft for you to complete and finalise. From there, you can generate other documentation in seconds, such as Medical Letters.

“Being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more has significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes. The feature which particularly saves a lot of time is the ability to generate a GP/specialist letter from the notes. It is well written and quickly generated.”

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Trish Edwards, Melbourne, Australia
PatientNotes user interface

Easy onboarding and plenty of support

PatientNotes includes plenty of guidance and support making it easy to start using in your osteopathy practice today.

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Available in your practice today

Compatible with all EMR / PMS

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Frequently asked questions

I move around a lot during my osteopathy sessions. Is PatientNotes right for me?

Absolutely. In fact, PatientNotes was designed with your needs in mind. Spend less time tied to your computer typing notes, and get more time to be present with your clients. Our powerful software will support you by listening to what you say during the session and draft notes for your approval.

Can I edit my notes?

Yes. PatientNotes uses A.I. to generate draft clinical notes and patient summaries based on the input you provide. But it's essential that you proofread and check the notes using your osteopathy expertise before signing off and pasting the notes into your PMS. You can edit them anytime.

Is it safe to use A.I. as a physiotherapist?

PatientNotes was created to ensure safety, security and privacy needs were met while still enabling osteopaths to benefit from the power of A.I. tools. We use encryption to safeguard data, and we go to great lengths to ensure the clinical notes composed for you are accurate and trustworthy. If you have any questions about this topic, you can email [email protected] and our team will address any questions you may have.