Finalise your dental notes fast with the support of A.I.

Dental notes prepared in real-time, ready for finalisation on the spot. Compatible with most computers, laptops and tablets. Currently FREE for Australian dental professionals.

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Draft your clinical notes during your consultations

Simply edit, copy and paste your finalised notes into your Patient Management System. With PatientNotes you can use A.I. to support your regular consultation flow, while upholding patient confidentiality and privacy.

Clinical Notes.
Completed by final rinse.
Patient Summary.
Ready as they rebook their next annual checkup
Medical Letter.
Immediate feedback for your healthcare colleagues

Frequently asked questions

I make a lot of noise (and sometimes so do my patients). Will PatientNotes work for me?

Yes. You will be surprised how well PatientsNotes cuts through the background noise to capture the point. No matter how much filler, PatientNotes will clearly find the gold in your session. You will get a real-time summary, ready for you to complete and finalise instantly.

Can I edit my notes?

Yes. PatientNotes uses A.I. to generate draft clinical notes and patient summaries based on the input you provide. But it's essential that you proofread and check the notes using your dental expertise before signing off and pasting the notes into your Patient Management System. You can edit them anytime.

Is it weird to use A.I. as a dentist?

A.I. is changing the game and enabling every industry to save time. PatientNotes ensures dentists don't miss out on the benefits of A.I. and new technology.

High quality documentation is something I feel passionate about. I invest a lot of time into this area of my practice, yet often that time has fallen outside of work hours. PatientNotes has allowed me to increase the quality of my clinical documentation while saving time. My notes, a patient summary, and medical letters can be completed within minutes.

Sian Smale