Elevate Nursing Care with AI-Enhanced Clinical Notes

PatientNotes equips nurses with a dynamic tool to optimize clinical documentation, patient summaries, medical letters, and reports, ensuring more time is devoted to patient care.

Boost Administrative Efficiency in Nursing

Leverage AI with PatientNotes to enhance the precision and speed of nursing documentation, securing comprehensive, secure, and efficient note-taking across healthcare settings.

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AI-Driven Time Optimization for Nursing Professionals

Explore how PatientNotes can transform nursing practices by elevating the quality of clinical notes and patient care across various healthcare environments.

Quickly Draft Personalized Nursing Notes

Generate detailed, customized notes swiftly, allowing nurses to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Actionable Care Plans for Patients

Create clear, concise summaries post-consultation, providing patients with structured care plans and next steps for their health journey.

Save Valuable Time on Administrative Tasks

Efficiently manage referrals, reports, and other nursing administrative duties, enhancing overall healthcare delivery.

Seamless Integration with your existing Practice Management System

PatientNotes is compatible with all leading medical PMS, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing healthcare workflow.

PatientNotes: A Versatile Tool for Nursing Consultations and Care Coordination

Ensure your nursing notes are always accessible, whether in hospitals, home healthcare settings, or during telehealth consultations. PatientNotes is compatible across various devices and platforms.

  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet (using PatientNotes Mac App)
  • Mac
  • PC

Top-Tier Security and Compliance for Nursing Practices

PatientNotes commits to the security and privacy of your nursing patients and their data, adhering to the most stringent standards for AI applications in healthcare.

HIPAA Compliant

Our unwavering compliance with HIPAA underscores our dedication to protecting patient data across nursing settings.

GDPR Compliant for European Nurses

Ensuring critical personal data protection for individuals within the EU and UK.

Privacy Assurance

Advanced encryption protocols keep patient data confidential and secure across nursing care facilities.

Robust Security Measures

Adhering to rigorous security and governance standards, surpassing industry norms in nursing care.

What our customers say


Greg Collis-Brown.

Greg Collis-Brown

Surprisingly easy to apply clinically

This innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach. PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data.
Trish Edwards.

Trish Edwards

Significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes

I particularly like is the ability to verbally conduct the assessment and being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more.
Sarah Yule.

Sarah Yule

Allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin

PatientNotes has significantly changed the detail and accuracy with which I can document. It allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin, as it has done the bulk of the leg work whilst I still do the clinical thinking.

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Utilize best practice nursing templates and expert prompts to ensure success while maintaining your clinical style.

Common Questions from Nurses

Can PatientNotes adapt to the diverse settings nurses work in?

Yes. PatientNotes is designed to support nurses across all healthcare environments, from acute and subacute settings to home healthcare, ensuring less time is spent on documentation and more on patient care.

Is it possible to customize my notes?

Absolutely. While PatientNotes uses AI to draft clinical notes, nurses have the flexibility to review and tailor these notes according to their professional judgment before finalizing them.

What formats does PatientNotes support for nursing notes?

PatientNotes supports a wide range of nursing note formats, including SOAP notes, progress notes, and custom templates, making it easy to import and adapt your existing documentation style.