Let A.I. take care of the details, so you can take care of your social work clients

PatientNotes streamlines social work by drafting case notes, client histories and other social work admin, ensuring more focused client interaction and support.

Social workers: manage cases, not paperwork

PatientNotes revolutionizes social work documentation with AI, providing tools that ensure secure, efficient, and thorough record-keeping, allowing social workers to focus more on client advocacy and support.

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AI in Social Work: More Time for Clients

Social Workers leverage PatientNotes to streamline client documentation, improving note quality and saving time, thus enhancing their ability to provide support and manage cases effectively.

Tailored Social Work notes drafted swiftly.

With PatientNotes, social workers can efficiently generate detailed, personalized case notes, spending more time assisting clients and less on documentation.

Recommended Social Worker Action Plans

Social Workers offer clear, actionable summaries after each session, empowering clients with a written care plan and next steps for their social care journey.

Social Workers Simplify Case Reporting and Referrals

Quickly draft medicolegal reports and referral letters, dedicating more time to client advocacy and support.

Works with the existing systems in your social work practice

PatientNotes aligns with key social work client management systems, helping you manage client data efficiently and securely.

PatientNotes is optimal for social workers engaging in in-room sessions, home visits, and telehealth consults.

PatientNotes supports social workers by ensuring notes are always accessible, no matter the location, and works with existing social worker telehealth platforms for seamless service delivery.

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  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet (using PatientNotes Mac App)
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  • PC

Secure and compliant AI for social work practices, supporting community care with PatientNotes.

Protecting the confidentiality of social work records, PatientNotes employs advanced security protocols to safeguard sensitive client data in social services.

HIPAA Compliant

In social work, safeguarding client data is crucial, and PatientNotes ensures compliance with HIPAA to protect privacy.

GDPR Compliant

Adheres to GDPR, safeguarding personal data within the EU and UK.

Privacy Guaranteed

Advanced encryption protocols keep client data confidential and secure.

Robust Security Measures

We exceed industry standards with our stringent security protocols.

What our customers say


Greg Collis-Brown.

Greg Collis-Brown

Surprisingly easy to apply clinically

This innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach. PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data.
Trish Edwards.

Trish Edwards

Significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes

I particularly like is the ability to verbally conduct the assessment and being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more.
Sarah Yule.

Sarah Yule

Allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin

PatientNotes has significantly changed the detail and accuracy with which I can document. It allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin, as it has done the bulk of the leg work whilst I still do the clinical thinking.

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Social Work Template Library

Access a library of templates designed for social work documentation to ensure best practices and maintain your unique clinical style.

Common Questions from Social Workers

Can I use PatientNotes during home visits or while on the move?

Yes, PatientNotes is designed to be flexible and accessible, supporting you wherever your work takes you. It’s perfect for social workers who need to manage documentation on the go.

Is it possible to customize the notes?

Absolutely. While PatientNotes provides a strong starting point with AI-generated drafts, you have full control to adjust and finalize the notes based on your professional judgment.

What types of documentation does PatientNotes support?

PatientNotes supports a wide range of documentation styles including SOAP notes, progress notes, and customized templates tailored to the needs of social workers.

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