Let A.I. reduce your clinical admin, giving you more time with your patients

PatientNotes offers psychiatrists a robust solution for enhancing the quality of their clinical notes, patient assessments, treatment plans, and comprehensive medical reports.

Save time on report writing in your psychiatric practice

PatientNotes utilizes AI technology to boost the speed and accuracy of psychiatric documentation, ensuring secure, thorough, and efficient note-taking for psychiatrists.

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How AI enhances efficiency for psychiatric professionals

PatientNotes is a vital tool for psychiatrists, designed to improve the efficiency of clinical documentation and patient care.

Reduce the time to finalize your psychiatric notes

Automatically create detailed, customized notes, allowing more time for patient interaction and accelerating the rate of report completion.

Increase patient understanding with session summaries

Generate concise, actionable summaries post-consultation, providing patients with a clear understanding of their treatment journey.

Save hours on psychiatric reports and referral letters

Efficiently produce medicolegal reports, referral letters, and other psychiatric documentation with ease.

Compatible with leading psychiatric Patient Management Systems

PatientNotes is easy to use with all widely-used Psychiatric Management Systems, ensuring a smooth workflow within your practice.

PatientNotes: A versatile tool for in-office consultations, home visits, and telepsychiatry

Adaptable across various devices, PatientNotes ensures your psychiatric notes are accessible, whether in the office, on a home visit, or during a telepsychiatry session. It also integrates seamlessly with your current telehealth platform.

  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet (using PatientNotes Mac App)
  • Mac
  • PC

Ensuring secure and compliant AI use in psychiatric practices

PatientNotes prioritizes the security and confidentiality of psychiatric patient data, adhering to the strictest standards of security and privacy.

HIPAA Compliant

Our unwavering commitment to HIPAA compliance ensures the protection of patient information.

GDPR Compliance for psychiatrists in the EU and UK

Guaranteeing critical data protection for individuals within the EU and UK.


Advanced encryption protocols keep patient data confidential and secure.


Rigorous security measures exceed industry norms and standards.

What our customers say


Greg Collis-Brown.

Greg Collis-Brown

Surprisingly easy to apply clinically

This innovation has improved the ease and thoroughness of my clinical assessment more than any other approach. PatientNotes satisfies medico-legal requirements regarding the collection of anamnestic and objective data.
Trish Edwards.

Trish Edwards

Significantly enhanced the accuracy of my notes

I particularly like is the ability to verbally conduct the assessment and being able to verbally indicate the treatment levels, re-assessment plans, and more.
Sarah Yule.

Sarah Yule

Allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin

PatientNotes has significantly changed the detail and accuracy with which I can document. It allows me to spend more time on tasks beyond admin, as it has done the bulk of the leg work whilst I still do the clinical thinking.

Getting started with PatientNotes for psychiatrists

Complimentary trial for psychiatrists

Quickly integrate PatientNotes into your psychiatric practice and begin saving time immediately.

Help Center for psychiatrists

Access FAQs, How-To guides, detailed feature instructions, and a video library tailored for the psychiatric field.

Psychiatrist Prompt Library

Utilize best practice templates and expert prompts to maintain your clinical style while ensuring comprehensive documentation.

Common questions from psychiatrists

Can PatientNotes adapt to the dynamic nature of psychiatric sessions?

Definitely. PatientNotes is designed to accommodate the fluidity of psychiatric consultations, enabling you to focus on your patient while it takes care of the documentation.

Is it possible to customize my notes?

Yes. PatientNotes provides default templates and a prompt library to help you get started, and you can then customize your own settings to make sure your notes are personalized and tailored to your reporting needs. While PatientNotes uses AI to draft clinical notes and patient summaries, it's crucial to review and tailor these notes with your psychiatric expertise before finalizing them.

What formats of psychiatric notes does PatientNotes support?

PatientNotes supports a variety of note formats including SOAP notes, progress notes, and custom templates, making it easy to import and adapt your existing documentation style. The prompt library also includes a range of different assessment types to help you create customized clinical notes templates. Reports can also be customized to cover a vast range of specialized psychiatric assessments.