Improve the workflow in your clinical practice

Create a calmer clinic by reducing the stress of completing clinical notes and medical letters. Reduce the admin time spent by both clinical and administration teams by using A.I. in your practice.

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Reduce your team's administrative burden and free your clinicians to focus on what they do best

PatientNotes uses voice recognition of healthcare providers consultations to automatically draft clinical notes, ready for clinician finalisation. The clinician can also automatically create summary letters to their patients and medical letters to their medical team.

There is no need for dictation or prolific typing skills, simply save time by capturing the normal flow of conversation during the consult. Even better, it works with all practice management systems.

With less admin pressure, increased productivity, and better patient communication you will experience a smoother clinic workflow and increased diary availability, which leads to shorter patient wait times and a lighter admin load.

Embracing this solution restores work-life balance for owners, practice managers and your clinical team, optimizing operations and fosters clinic growth.

  • Medico legal compliance Improve the quality of your teams clinical notes, ensuring they are a clear and accurate record of the consultation.
  • Recommended action plans Improve patient compliance for treatment and management by sending them an automated letter after every consultation, without needing to burden your typing pool or add admin hours to your already busy schedule.
  • Happier team members Reduce the admin burden and reduce your team from working through lunch, or after hours to stay on top of their notes or letters.

Simply edit, copy and paste and store your clinical notes and letters into the Patient Management System at your practice. No need to change your main medical record system.

Transform the medical reporting in your practice, elevate the standard of patient care and bolster effective communication among healthcare professionals.

Available on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and tablets

PatientNotes is a web based platform that can be used from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Simply edit, copy and paste the notes into the Patient Management System at your practice. The clinical notes generated are transferred to your practice management system for record keeping.

PatientNotes will store a temporary record of past consultations to finalise your notes which are permanently deleted after 30 days.

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Reduce the backlog

Optimise your workflow, ensuring standardised and complete clinical notes, freeing your team from administrative burdens.

Decrease dictation

Keep the conversation flowing! Native voice recognition allows for uninterrupted communication while the session is recorded.

Increased compliance

Clinical notes, patient summaries, and communications to medical peers are ready immediately after each session for swift compliance.

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